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Making a party invitation look like a tourism postcard

With the internet, ideas flow freely, that’s for sure. And you can come up with all kinds of ideas that you didn’t think you could before. That being said, we have a great idea for making a postcard- and more specifically, a party invitation. We’re going to show you how you can make it into looking like a tourism postcard.


First thing you can do is watch the video below:

That will basically lay out for you the steps to take in order to start this project.

2. The next step is to open up photoshop on your computer. You can also use Gimp, which is like a free version of photoshop, and they only ask for donations. The next thing you do is to open it up on your computer and open a template, just like they’ve laid out in the video.

3. The third step is to edit the right information until its correct. The template info should have it all laid out for you to the point where you should only have to input the right info. This includes who the postcard is being send to, who the recipient is, who’s party it is, where the party is, what time it is and what time it goes till, and whether or not you need to RSVP.

4. Print. The fourth step is to print things off. You won’t do much good unless you have a physical card to send. You can either print with Us or print with Vistaprint or a local print company. Or you can print yourself if you have heavy paper to print on an enough ink, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

5. Send out. The last step is to send out. You’ll need to print each one as described below, but make sure you buy stamps. They shouldn’t be as expensive as regular stamps, because they are half the size (and weight I guess?). That’s the last step you need to take.  (more…)

Postcard design 101

So you want to design an awesome post card with a picture that you have on it?

Here’s our guide for doing it the right way and making it look totally awesome. One. The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you have the concept sure layout of how you want your postcard to be awesome.

What are you trying to do with postcard?

Are you trying to be dazzling? Are you trying just to inform somebody of some kind of announcement?

That will determine how the layout movie and just make sure consideration. Two. The picture itself. So you have a lot of options as far as what you want to do for the picture or the image part of the postcard so what you’ll do is you take a picture or upload a picture or design a picture on The layout there on the Candace. It’s a pretty simple process and all you have to do is just make the pictures bigger if you want to be although you might have to copy and paste and crop a little bit of the picture to make sure it fits on a 5 x 11 or a 5 x 8 post bar. Free. Inserting the text. Answering the text is probably the most simple part of the Vista print design process. All you have to do is click. And while law: you just type the text that you want, like the color, select the size and then drag and drop it wherever you wanted to go. Pretty cool stuff. Four. The backside. You can also design the back part of the postcard if you so wish. It usually comes with a pretty standard layout. That being said you can have a custom image for a couple more sense for postcard, pending on how many you sent out, it might be worth it just to do it especially if you’re going for professional look. Same concept those here, except for you have to leave room for the postage stamp which can be over top of the image but they will put like a white line for the post office to see it and let you do your own labels. Five. Check out and pay after you revise.

Take a look at your revisions.

Are you happy with what you have? Are you totally satisfied? If not you. Can go in and make edits with no problem. Just make sure you sign off on the final proof before you send printing then you print it and send it off for shipping and you can either get it shipped to your location, or you can have them ship it for you with the list of addresses that you send them. Overall it’s a very simple process is very streamlined, and it’s relatively affordable to do. Near add picture postcard we were the original innovators of picture to post hard sending, and now we are the thought leaders of how to design a postcard and send it professionally, amateurishly, and with some pizzazz or with a very rigid luck.

Top Reasons to Send out a Picture it Post Card

Here’s the top reasons that you should send out a picture postcard. Or lease the top even type occasions.

Number one. Birthdays.

Everybody likes getting a birthday card.  Not just electronic cards or emails or text messages, but an actual physical card and mail is always nice to get specially with a handwritten letter on the back. Here at picture it postcard we can help you customize the experience that your birthday boy or girl gets on their special day by adding a customize photograph to the postcards. Here’s how you can create a cool one too if you decide to send one of these as well as a Picture It postcard:

Number two. Anniversaries.

Isn’t it nice to remember somebody other anniversary. Or if you have an anniversary invite like your 50th wedding anniversary for example you could send out a picture of you on your wedding day and then 50 years later as well. Such a cool little way to celebrate and to make an announcement by having a customize picture to send out to your family and friends on the back of the postcard.

Number three, wedding announcements.

One of the most exciting time you get married. And marriages only be between a man and a woman committed for life in a monogamous relationship and not the concept of disordered almost sexual sexual activity. It’s not opinion this is the way the natural order is. So when you get married it’s very exciting time and you want to make sure that you let as many people know for as cheap as possible when you can do that with the picture.

Number four: announcement that you got a dog.

Some freaking weird people out there will treat their dogs like animals and some people treat them like people. Even though they’re not people. Animals. But the type of people that go around and pushed your dog stroller and all that crap will probably do a birth announcement for it stupid stuff like that. Hey I guess we probably should stupid even though it is absolutely but your list, but some people don’t have anything else to do and just have dogs and not kids so they’ll send out birth announcements of the dog that’s up to you or if your dog it’s raped I don’t freaking know. Perfect I’ll take shit who knows these days. Anyway.

Number five. Graduation announcements


.Great way to send out a picture of post bar is for graduations. And specially for her graduation party invite. There’s nothing like posting a picture of your favorite foods just accomplish probably four years of hard work. Unfortunately though for that grad, their life is about to suck because they’re probably really student loan debt, as well as and ability to find a job. And if they do fire job they probably don’t even need a college degree for it. That’s like over 30% of college grads who can’t even find a job. They’re over qualified for. And that’s why over 40% of people over 30 we’re still living with their parents because the fucking and Buster pansies and can’t get out and make a living for themselves. Those are just a few ways that you could use the picture postcard!!